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Libra - An existential threat to human rights, data privacy and national sovereignty

Let's talk about Robocop: Specifically the 1987 original film where the director Paul Verhoeven lays out his dystopic vision of the future of Detroit.

20 August 2019

From Tweeting to Tooting

There is no doubt that Twitter is a great place for finding and following news, information, trolls and agenda pushing platforms. Some even run entire countries on it (or think they do, hahaha) :) However, Twitter has been caught out supposedly 'accidentally' collecting data and sharing user data with unidentified third parties. 

19. August 2019

Bitcoin's Wealth Concentration is Fair

As part of an on-going Tweetstorm Series, we showcase excellent Twitter threads on the most interesting topics in the industry and publish them here in blog format for easier consumption and sharing beyond twitter.

18 August 2019

The Threat Of Cryptojacking

"Crypto, crypto everywhere, but not a single coin to spend."

This line perhaps captures the best essence of the entire crypto world, or at least for someone who missed a good ride. Virtual currencies are now commonly owned as assets, commodities, and as a method of payment. However, they still have a long way to go where the regulatory authorities and the crypto community need to land up on the same page with mutual understanding for sustainable growth. For the moment, it's just the trading of cryptocurrencies that is pulling a big chunk of newbies into the ecosystem. However, people are now realizing the true potential of this Blockchain Technology and are intelligently implementing it to create new endless possibilities.

28 July 2019

Libra: The Ideavirus

Though some commenters offer a dystopian vision of the future under an all-seeing corporate eye, I would like to offer a more uplifting view: Libra may actually serve as a tipping point in the general acceptance of the idea that we don't need governments to define and administer our currency.

13 August 2019

21 Questions with Yan Pritzker, Author of 'Inventing Bitcoin'.

In our first ever "21 Questions by Decentralize Today", we feature Yan Pritzker, the author of the new Bitcoin book, Inventing Bitcoin. This easy to digest and informative book will help you learn everything you need to know about Bitcoin in just two hours. Get it on Amazon this month and 50% of the proceeds will go to the Bitcoin For Venezuela Initiative for humanitarian aid.

20 July 2019

The Benefits of a Return to Sound Money

As part of an on-going Tweetstorm Serieswe showcase excellent Twitter threads on the most interesting topics in the industry and publish them here in blog format for easier consumption and sharing beyond twitter.

17 July 2019

It's Too Late, Nothing Can Stop The Bitcoin Protocol

US Congressman Patrick McHenry said in the recent congressional hearing on Libra that Bitcoin is "unstoppable" and that not even governments can stop it. But why? Read it here in this article by Miguel Cuneta.

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