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18 September 2019

What Do Top Global Executives Think Of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency?

As the heat in the cryptocurrency market is now building for yet another bull season, we thought to share some of the expert's opinion on what they have to say on Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency. So, here is a list of people who had sweet and bitter opinions on cryptocurrencies.

15 September 2019

Tweetstorm Series: Why The Price of Bitcoin is its Least Interesting Metric

In today's Tweetstorm series, we feature Hans Hauge, Senior Quantitative Researcher at Ikigai Fund, software engineer, Bitcoin miner and prolific Bitcoin analyst and author, and his tweet thread about the many data points that show the undeniable upward trajectory of the Bitcoin network's tremendous growth over the last ten years. 

A New Landscape of Decentralized Media

With censorship, manipulation and fake news making the headlines in mainstream media, decentralized approaches are showing us new ways to organize power that may prevent these problems.

04 September 2019

BlockShow Is Coming Back to Singapore with Head of Asia Gabriel Yang

PRESS RELEASE - BlockShow has announced that they will place Gabriel Yang as their new Head of Asia amidst the buildup of momentum for BlockShow Asia 2019, which has been dubbed as the Festival of Decentralized Technology. 


Libra - An existential threat to human rights, data privacy and national sovereignty

Let's talk about Robocop: Specifically the 1987 original film where the director Paul Verhoeven lays out his dystopic vision of the future of Detroit.

03 Sept 2019

Bitcoin Mining Explained In 15 Tweets

20 August 2019

From Tweeting to Tooting

There is no doubt that Twitter is a great place for finding and following news, information, trolls and agenda pushing platforms. Some even run entire countries on it (or think they do, hahaha) :) However, Twitter has been caught out supposedly 'accidentally' collecting data and sharing user data with unidentified third parties. 

27 August 2019

Bitcoin Is Not What You Think It Is

In the near future, we will laugh at how we fumbled around with this technology by trying to fit it into the existing systems today. 

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